“Rebecca is a very supportive coach. With her support I was able to meet my goals. Rebecca was amazing at empowering me and she inspired me to succeed. She is always available and gave me different options to help me be successful. Rebecca helped me control my cravings, mentally and emotionally helped me accept change and adjust to a healthier lifestyle. I lost 16 lbs” -Justina

“Since working with Rebecca I have less cravings, lost 21 lbs and feel healthy with more energy. Rebecca is extremely informative and helpful explaining how to live a healthier lifestyle while still enjoying some of my favorite foods. I recommend working with Rebecca if you are serious about changing unhealthy eating habits, and learn to eat real food and enjoy food rather than starving yourself”. -Julian

“Working with Rebecca was fantastic. She taught me a lot about food prep, motivation/psyche most of all. I was extremely conscious of what I was eating. Rebecca’s 5 Day Reset kept my conscience clear of eating crap. I was more in tune with the Earth and vegetables and nutrients and cleaning out the toxins from my body… definitely mindful eating and feeling good”. “Absolute pleasure and you made it easy and it shows that you really care”.- 5 Day Reset Client

“Working on becoming healthier with Rebecca has been fabulous! In a gentle but encouraging way, she kept me thinking about changes I could make to my diet and lifestyle to meet my health goals and advance along the path toward overall wellness. Her organized approach and quest for information make her a great coach! I’m still learning from things she’s shared with me.” – Brandy

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