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The Radiant Wellness Coaching Program is entirely unique in the wellness industry.

It’s the culmination of over 40 years of personal experience, healing, education, and experimentation, designed to do one thing: discover what works for you and your body.

I will work with you to create a uniquely personalized program that fits your bio-individual needs.

We discover the individual rhythm of your body and treat it accordingly.

As oftentimes, the underlying cause of our issues go so much deeper than we expect.

In healing my own complex health issues, and by helping others through their own, I’ve learned one key thing that’s true across the board:  health isn’t  just  about “being  healthy”. Health isn’t just how many nutrients we’re getting or how much we exercise in a week. Health is also relationships, careers, spirituality, and fulfillment…  Health is mind, body, and soul.  And it needs to be treated that way.

From customized meal plans to private yoga and deep emotional support, the Radiant Wellness Coaching Program will up-level your health and your life in every way.

• You will set and accomplish nutritional goals in a way that empowers and excites

• You will find your way of achieving and maintaining your ideal weight

• You will understand how to reduce your food cravings

• You will increase your energy levels

• You will feel GREAT in your body

• You will improve your personal relationships

• You will discover the confidence to create the life you want

• You will learn about the foods that feel good to you (no more crazy dieting)

• You discover powerful ways of healing your eating disorder

• You find the healing tools that work for you

Isn’t time that you take a different approach to your health?

One that focuses on what your body really needs, and not what the world tells you you’re “supposed” to need?

Isn’t it time to discover what works for you?

                              RADIANT WELLNESS COACHING

                       3 or 6 Month Customized Programs Available

• 2 x 50-minute sessions per month OR 4 x 30-minutes sessions per month

• Session recap + resources

• Unlimited email support

• Custom meal + snack planning (with detailed recipes)

• Private cooking class

• Personalized pantry detox

• Support + resources in navigating your local food market

• Private yoga

• Exclusive healing meditations

• And more…

PLUS, a customized guided cleanse or detox at the start of the program.

It’s time to talk about your health needs.

Book a call today to learn more about the Wellness Program.

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