28 Day New Year New You Reset

28 Day New Year New You Reset Program

28 Day New Year 

New You Reset Program


Are You Ready To Meet The New You in 2020?


Happy, Healthy and Whole


Sign up now: 28 Day New You Clean Eating Reset Program 


Start Date: January 6, 2020


                         What is a 28 Day New You Reset?


I should start off by saying it is not a diet program! 

I’m sure you feel the same as I do about diets.

You have tried every diet in the book for years.  

The truth is, if “diets” worked you would not be reading this now.


28 Day New You Clean Eating Reset Program is about learning to feed your body with clean, unprocessed ingredients, utilizing spices and herbs that help heal your body and ultimately lose weight and improve overall health! 


This program will focus on removing and keeping all refined 

sugars, processed food and additives from your diet. 


Balance hormones and restore gut health naturally.


We will focus on your whole health and lifestyle changes, 

mindfulness and mindset shifts creating lasting sustainable change.



The 28 Day New You Reset will include:

  • Weekly Meal Plans (breakfast, lunch and dinner) (Omnivore with plant based  options)
  • Snack suggestions
  • Cooking directions for each meal (some batch cooking)
  • Grocery Lists (weekly)
  • Private Support Group (via Facebook)to connect with other participants
  • Daily Accountability



You will receive confirmation from me, with instructions on how to join our private facebook accountability group, when you join my program.


Meal Plans will go out on Friday, January 3, with the first full week grocery list.


Be prepared to give up processed food and sugar forever and welcome A New You!!




Possible side effects of the program include:

Deep, restful sleep

Clear thinking

Improved memory

Increased energy and metabolism

Weight loss

Balancing mind-spirit-body

Glowing skin and shining eyes

Ease of movement

Reduced aches and pains, including joint pain

Sustainable change



Group sessions will be held on Facebook Support 

Individual sessions are also available off-site, or via FaceTime for and added cost.


…………..and did I mention you get exclusive access to me throughout the entire program!

I will answer your questions (not support crew), go live on Facebook, post videos, and more!


So what’s my program going to cost you?

Let’s just say that in private practice it would cost a LOT more to visit a women’s health professional, which is why we believe we’ve made this investment accessible to women around the world!


Lifetime Support Group Access + The 28 Day New You Reset  $125.00





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