Enjoy The Holidays Without The Guilt This Year!

The holidays are upon us and everyone is getting ready. You found the perfect outfits but you are wondering if it really looks good.

My New You Reset program is designed to make you feel your best and get through the holidays.

7 Day Pre-Holiday New You Reset Program

Are you tired of feeling out of shape, out of balance, and out of control ? 


Do you want to get into that little black dress for the holidays?


Do you want to look Radiant and feel Confident?


Are you looking to upgrade your health & wellbeing?


Well what’s weighing you down?


Be free now!


Happy Healthy Whole and Sustainable


Just in time to Reset before the Holidays

7 Day Pre-Holiday New You Reset is HERE!!!


Start: December 2, 2019 


The 7 Day Pre-Holiday New You Reset Program


Is The Difference Between Going On A Diet and Having A Diet


Imagine learning how to add fat-burning and metabolism-boosting foods to your diet.  

Imagine not having to live on a point system or having to step on the scale every second. 

Imagine not having to count calories. 

Imagine being able to go to a restaurant and actually eat real food without feeling deprived.

Imagine Resetting, Restoring and Repairing your Body. Mind & Spirit through Clean Real Food, Mindfulness and Mindset change.

Imagine taking control of your body and your life.


Get a jump start with my 7 Day New You Pre-Holiday Reset Program


 Beginning on Monday, December 2nd .


A comprehensive way for You to reset and detox your body and feel your best for the holidays while eating clean whole foods.




The 7 Day Pre Holiday New You Reset will include:


  • Weekly Meal Plans (breakfast, lunch and dinner)(Omnivore with plant based options)
  • Snack suggestions
  • Cooking directions for each meal (some batch cooking)
  • Grocery Lists (weekly)
  • Private Support Group (via Facebook)to connect with other participants
  • Daily Accountability



You will receive confirmation from me, with instructions on how to join our private facebook accountability group, when you join my program.


Meal Plans will go out on Friday, November 29th with the first full week grocery list.


Be prepared to give up processed food and sugar forever and welcome A New You!!




Possible side effects of the program include:

Deep, restful sleep

Clear thinking

Improved memory

Increased energy and metabolism

Weight loss

Balancing mind-spirit-body

Glowing skin and shining eyes

Ease of movement

Reduced aches and pains, including joint pain

Sustainable change



Group sessions will be held on Facebook Support 


Why do YOU deserve this program? 


YOU are worth it! 

YOU work hard!

YOU deserve to live a life that is energetic and pain-free! 

YOU deserve to have confidence when you go out into the world or look into the mirror.

YOU deserve to feel youthful and vibrant.

YOU deserve to feel in control and stress free when making choices around food.


So what’s my program going to cost you?

Let’s just say that in private practice it would cost a LOT more to visit a women’s health professional, which is why I believe I have made this investment accessible to women around the world!


The 7 Day New You Pre-Holiday Reset  $49.99


JOIN NOW until November 26 and score Pre- Launch Pricing $29.99. 


                   SPACE IS LIMITED, SO SIGN UP NOW!


The New You Series is a Transformational Journey that Reconnects You to Your True Self!


I believe in progress through small achievable goals. Make those 7 Days count to a New You for 2020


What are you waiting for ?

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