Squash, one of the clean ingredients you need in your diet!

Are you trying to start your journey to a healthy lifestyle? Wondering what clean ingredients you can use without sacrificing satisfying meals?

Remember when you were growing up and thought squash was the most disgusting thing every? We’ve all been there, it’s the thing that your mom or grandma makes you eat but you can’t even pass it off to the dog?

The truth is with the right recipes squash can be really good. And not only is it good, it’s extremely good for you!

Roasted squash in an amazing salad loaded with clean ingredients
Clean ingredients can make a huge difference in your healthy lifestyle success.

Squash contains vitamins A and E, carotenoids and magnesium. These are all antioxidant rich and help protect you from cancer by preventing the growth of cancer cells. They also promote healthy skin, muscles, nerves and aids in normal blood cell function.

With autumn here roast some squash and admire the autumn glow your skin will develop.

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