Foods to Boost Metabolism

Have you ever found yourself reading through countless ways that you can boost your metabolism? Everything you find has millions of steps or things to buy to get the results they say?

I wanted to take a minute to let you know you don’t need all of that! What if I told you that adding ONE ingredient to your diet could give you the boost you so desire?

That one ingredient is simply JALAPENOS! Yup, that’s it!

This amazing salad will give you the taste you crave and help to boost your metabolism.

Adding hot peppers like jalapenos and cayenne can give your metabolism a temporary boost. This is because they increase the amount of heat the body is producing, which in turn burns calories. This is called diet-induced thermogenesis and is process backed up by science.

So when you are on your next shopping trip be sure to add some jalapenos to your cart!

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