Mindfulness In The Garden

As I was sitting in the backyard of my chosen sister and brother in Tampa this past spring, overflowing with aromatic herbs, luscious fruits hanging from trees and fragrant flowers blooming. I noticed how peaceful I felt. The Mindful act of just being and observing in nature. Taking in the colors of the flowers, smelling the herbs, watching the butterflies explore the plants and enjoying the beauty of their garden made me feel calm and connected. A conscious decision to disconnect and enter nature is meditative and brings a state of calm.🌻🌻

A dear friend has generously gifted me a piece of land in her beautiful yard for me to practice my own mindfulness in the garden. I’ve never really grown anything before, in-fact as a child my father was always puzzled why his carrots 🥕didn’t grow. I finally confessed 10 years ago that i used to pull them out to see if they were ready and if they were too small, I put them back to grow more. What did i know at 6 years old about the growth process.

This reminds me of the quote

“When a flower doesn’t bloom, you fix the environment in which it grows, not the flower.”

As humans we require the same kinds of care and cultivation as plants do. The soil is your base. Your foundation. And just like with growing a plant, there are times that you need to change your foundation in order to grow and get the absolute best out of you.

You need strong roots to nourish and support you so that you can thrive.

And you need patience and mindfulness to just let the growth and transformation happen without judgment.🦋

I may start my garden by planting carrots, being patient this time and enjoying the process as they mature.🌟

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