A butterfly is one of the most profound symbols of change and self transformation. There is something about the butterfly that seems to inspire us through change. We can learn a lot about ourselves by observing the transitions that a butterfly goes through before it can spread its wings and fly.

Its journey and metamorphosis carries powerful meaning that speaks to our own capacity to move through trauma, fears, doubts, regrets, self limiting beliefs and other emotions that hold us back from our ability to change and grow, even when they no longer serve us. Remaining in a cocoon that is safe and familiar, makes us cling to where we are, rather than stepping out of our comfort zone and embracing growth and change.

I have been transformed many times throughout my life. Often, transformation has come because of trauma. Despite my attempts to ignore, push away, or run away from these growth opportunities, I have learned to take a deep breath, surrender, and let myself grow.  Sometimes, transformation is planned and purposeful, moving us gradually and manifesting when the time is right. Sometimes it’s not, and we are thrust into change, suddenly and without the ability to process why, it is forced directly upon us.  I have experienced it time and again. The beauty comes from not fearing or fighting against change, but rather seeing it as an opportunity to  release the old and give way to the new. Change can be a powerful force for growth and transformation. Change can feel painful, but if we never allow ourselves to go through the stages of change, nothing will ever change, and we will never experience growth, reach our true potential and ultimately fly.

The butterfly’s journey carries an important message for us to go within and explore. To find our true selves, no matter how far removed it may be from who we are now. The message is inspiring and teaches us that expansion, growth and transformation need not be traumatic or painful, but rather liberating and joyful, if we surrender to the process and let go of the attachment to what feels safe.

When I go through periods of transformation I innately prefer solitude. The social and emotional separation provides me space and time for introspection. Allowing my body and mind the space to go deep inside just like when a fully grown caterpillar becomes a chrysalis. While visually it may look like nothing is going on with me on the outside, big changes are happening emotionally, personally and spiritually on the inside.

During the phase of rapid internal growth, the caterpillar actually has to “break down its parts” or “liquefy” in order to come into another form.  This process of letting go in order to grab hold of something else may feel like we are holding on to nothing, feeling lost, having no plan, path or purpose. We may not understand what is happening to us during times of uncertainty, but our body and soul can sense the change that will prepare us for our transformation.   

The beauty in it is that we are not meant to stay the same. Transformation never ends, if we allow it to continue to unfold. Unlike the butterfly, we can rebuild and reenter our cocoons of transformation and become beautiful new beings, over and over again.

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